With the advent of D2H services, the usage of set top box exponentially rose. Every household, workshop, show rooms witnessed the use of set top box. Any workplace having d2h connection used set top box to which the signal is transmitted and the box is connected to the TV. Set top box acts as a connecting link between TV and Dish antenna through which picture is transmitted. To summarize, DTH set top box acts as a modem that guarantees seamless transfer of link to the TV. In direct-to-home (DTH) telecast, TV channels/programs are directly distributed via satellite to the subscriber’s home without the intervention of a cable operator.  The signals are transmitted in Ku band and are received by the subscribers through a small dish antenna and a set-top box. Many value added services such as the internet, e-mail, data casting, e-commerce and interactive multimedia are also provided by the DTH system.


India is a country with second highest population in the world. High population results in increased number of viewers. Increased number of viewers along with the low cost of DTH set top box is the reason of its substantial growth in the market.


  • Due to the wireless process of DTH, this system can be used in all remote or urban areas.
  • Audience get high quality audio and video which is also cost-effective
  • The world’s entire information is available to anyone at home since it has almost 4000 channels and 2000 radio channels.
  • The making of complaint is easy due to the absence of any mediator.
  • Single DTH service allows you to use digital quality audio, video and high speed broadband.

Videocon has launched its HD digital set top box. The main features of Videocon’s DTH set top box are:

  • Unlimited Recording: Busy and not able to watch your favorite TV show? No worries. This unique feature of Videocon d2h HD STB enables you to record any programme while you are busy. Whether the TV programme is LIVE or scheduled, both can be recorded and watched later at your own leisure.
  • Radio Frequency Remote: This special feature helps to personalize the TV watching experience. RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the STB. RF remote will work in any direction and even when there is an obstruction in front of STB.
  • Title/Time Based Recording: Using this feature the recording for any particular TV programme can be manually set by its title. Timing of the recording can also be set.
  • Rewind/Forward (up to 64 X): Any programme can be either rewinded or forwarded up to 64 times the normal speed, thus saving valuable time.
  • Pause Live TV: Any emergency work can be attended by pressing the pause button of any LIVE programme on TV.
  • Mark-Skip-Watch: Fed up of advertisements? Here is the solution. This feature allows you to mark the parts so that they can be just skipped.
  • Auto Serial Recording: Now your favorite TV programme can even get recorded in your absence.

This Videocon DTH set top box is marked at an affordable price of Rs.1820.



Gone are the days when watching favorite TV shows meant adjusting with the picture quality. Before people enjoyed their favorite TV shows even when the picture on the screen was fuzzy and blurred. The world of television has experienced a great advancement from fuzzy black and white pictures to stunning high-definition images with life-like depth and realism. HD services have truly changed the way of watching television and perceiving things.

Ultra HD 4k TV


The roots of HD services date back to 1970 with the research held by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) published recommendations on the definition of wide screen format and 1100-line scanning structure. A proposal approved by Federal Communications Commission became the mandate Advanced Television Systems Committee standard for terrestrial HD services broadcasting.


Today HD services potentially offers much clear picture and sound quality than what standard services provided. Now the picture on the screen is less blurred and fuzzy, sound is clearer, smoother motion, rich and natural colors. In HD services, the information transferred is more than 6 times which results in a huge improvement in sound and quality. HD programming and films are presented in 16:9 widescreen format. This wider aspect ratio makes the image appear more realistic. High definition signals are digital instead of analog signals that eliminates analog interference caused by electric currents and magnetic fields.  The resolution of the screen is much higher in high definition televisions as compared to standard definition video.

High Definition (HD) is a complete new concept for the TV viewers in India.  Videocon d2h HD services give the viewer a superlative experience of TV viewing with 5 times picture clarity, high definition sound quality and a wide aspect ratio. HD services offer the experience of cinema screens at the comfort of your home. Videocon d2h provides its subscribers a wide range of Asli “HD” channels. Subscribers can enjoy different genre content right from entertainment channels to sports channels to movie channels in high definition. HD services provided are very cost-effective as one has to pay only for HD setup box which is a onetime cost. After this the subscriber has to choose the right pack for him to watch the TV shows and enjoy Videocon’s Asli HD services. Out of 500 Videocon d2h channels and services, 29 are the Asli HD channels. It uses MPEG-4, DVBS-2 technology.


Ultra HD 4k TV color is the next new thing in television world. This technology will mainly focus on the realism of colors. Now TV’S are moving towards 10-bit color system (that is 1024 shades per color) which means access to over a billion colors. For the new technology the resolution of ultra HD would be 1080p. This will surely provide a more fine and clear picture on the screen.

HD services have truly changed the perception of watching a television. Videocon d2h has been successful in providing this service to its customers.

RF Remote with Earphones- Modern Mechanism to Enjoy your Favorite Show

RF Remote with Earphones- Modern Mechanism to Enjoy your Favorite Show

Innovation is the best thing that happens in technology. Today, DTH service is scaling high with every household is using DTH service to receive a clear and crisp picture to enjoy. DTH has witnessed many innovations like HD TV and Set Top Box which has internally built features to enjoy watching favorite shows. One such is an RF remote which is the best innovation done by DTH service providing companies. Radio Frequency allows the user to change channels with quite a distance.

RF remote with earphones

RF remote having 3.5mm jack comes with earphones using which you can watch the TV without disturbing others. RF remote with earphones is used mainly for interference free control. This certainly helps in saving time and energy. Moreover, machines running in the wireless format run for long years. Users are not only restricted to earphones, but RF remote with headphones are also the great way to enjoy. Offered in different styles and sizes, the user can use this headphone to enjoy listening song and watch movie crisply.

Why to use RF Remote with Earphones?

This new technology offered with DTH service allows users to view and listening to the show without disturbing others in the surrounding. The best part of the device is there is no loss of signal even if the machine is shut down. If you have a small room, then obviously you need earphone or headphone so that others in the room are not disturbed by the TV sound.

This new improvisation in TV hasn’t been heard before and has surely improved the TV viewing experience. RF remote is capable to work in high frequency and is quite diverse. The remote can work in the radius of 100ft from the TV.

How it works?

The device contains RF systems, helping radio wave that can receive the binary command for the button of the devices that you are using. Radio recipient accepts on the check instrument of the engineering machines the signal and translates it. The remote has the facility has a total number of radio signals flying all through the air at any given time.

The makers of this device ensured that users have a great experience in watching TV from any distance. There is no sky rocket science involved in using such device. If you are planning to change the DTH service or TV then do look for RF remote.  There are different DTH companies offering this device along with STB.

About Videocon DTH:

Videocon d2h, the DTH arm of Videocon group is the fastest growing DTH service provider in India. Videocon d2h has 500 Channels and Services, including 29 Asli HD channels on its platform. It uses MPEG – 4, DVBS -2 technology. It has also launched India’s 1st 1000 GB Asli HD Recorder & Radio Frequency Remote. It has many features like Multiple Tickers, 12 PIP Mosaic, 21 Active Music Audio Video Channels, and d2h movies. Along with HD, subscribers can also enjoy 3D content in rich format.

Getting closer to DTH service with USB Recording

DTH in India is the most prominent presentation that has happened for TV viewers. Companies are now doing their best to offer added value services along with regular DTH features to increase the monopoly and interest among users to buy the service. In India, for more than decades, cable TV services have dominated to the Indian TV by offering limited channels but with a high price. Every household had the same cable TV service connection. But as the time changed, the monopoly came to an end and private DTH service providers started offering services. The best thing about having a private DTH service is the features that are offered along. One such feature is the USB recording on DTH which helps viewers to record and watch the show early.

There are times when you may miss the show or you found the show or sporting event interesting making you to watch again, then you can record the same by hooking up the USB on STB. You can pause, record, rewind or forward the action. This feature has really created a buzz around DTH users. Different companies offer different features that create interest among users to buy the service and enjoy watching.

The innovative technology that has been introduced viewers are finding it interesting to watch and even pay for the same. The STB provided by the operators are also gaining popularity. These boxes come with multiple features allowing you to watch your favoraite shows with clarity. Today the age is of digital STB that comes with multiple features like Mosaic- The unique facility of being able to show you 12 programmes of a particular genre on your TV screen, at one go. Favoraites- you can select favourite TV channels whether it is news, sports or movies and put them in a folder. Multilingual- You can set your preferred language as per your choice. Different operators offer different  features in STB along with equipments.

Some of the features of USB recording  on DTH are:

  • Unlimited recording
  • RF Remote
  • Time Based Recroding
  • Pause/Live TV
  • Mark/Skip Watch
  • Auto/Serial Recording

Companies do their best to offer innovative features with device under affordable rate. However, the unlimited USB recording implies on customer who can use device like USB/ External Hard Disk and the device allowing to create own library. There is certain cost which you need to pay only after which the service will be activated. To get the recording, the customer also needs to purchase external storage device for storing recorded content. Customer can also subscribe to any of the SD or HD packages apart from the recording feature monthly to view the channels available without any interruption.

You can compare the service of USB recording on DTH feature with having all the information regarding the features and how it will be beneficial for you. Comparing price and feature is the best way to get service from the right DTH company for life long.