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High Definition (HD) was once a term which people did not know about, but now it’s just one another common word as many of the electronic equipment’s like television, mobile, tablets, computers are using HD technology in them. Even new HD channels are coming up with the existing channels also airing its HD version.  But these HD channels however are not clearly visible on the cable network. The only solution to this is to switch to satellite tv or (dth) service.

Satellite tv service is a tv service where the broadcasted tv channels are received directly from the satellite through a satellite dish planted on the terrace. A set top box (stb) is required to decode the digital signals and display on the tv.

There are different types of set top box provided by the 6 Satellite tv service providers and cable operators in India. The stb provided by the cable operators are of low quality and do not have many features in them. But the ones provided by the dth service providers having various latest technological features. They are as follows.

  1. Digital Set Top Box: It is a standard definition digital box.
  2. High Definition Digital Set Top Box: Viewers can view HD channels on HD digital TV box.
  3. HD Digital Video Recorder: Viewers can record their favorite movies and serials directly from their television.

Videocon d2h, an innovator in dth industry, use advanced digital technology in the world. We do provide the stb boxes mentioned above at exciting prices when compared to the other service providers. The cost of the stb boxes that we provide are given below.

  1. Digital Set Top Box: Rs.1999
  2. High Definition Digital Set Top Box: Rs.1890 + Rs.1000 for installation and activation.
  3. HD Digital Video Recorder: Rs.3990 + Rs.2500 for installation and activation.

We provide 400+ channels and services with 22 Asli “HD” channels which is the highest provided by a dth service provider in India. This number will increase when the new HD channel and normal definition channels are introduced. There are 17 different packages under which these channels are present. The subscriber can also pick and pay for the channels which are preferred to be seen from Add On and A-la-Carte packs. The picture and sound quality is crystal clear thus making the best service provider in India. Recharge can be done both online and offline.

Sounds great? So hurry and go to our nearest dealer and purchase the set top box availing the latest offers. You can also subscribe to us by just clicking on the following link and book online. We are always there 24×7 on our customer care numbers, facebook and twitter page to receive your valuable comments and


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