Getting closer to DTH service with USB Recording

DTH in India is the most prominent presentation that has happened for TV viewers. Companies are now doing their best to offer added value services along with regular DTH features to increase the monopoly and interest among users to buy the service. In India, for more than decades, cable TV services have dominated to the Indian TV by offering limited channels but with a high price. Every household had the same cable TV service connection. But as the time changed, the monopoly came to an end and private DTH service providers started offering services. The best thing about having a private DTH service is the features that are offered along. One such feature is the USB recording on DTH which helps viewers to record and watch the show early.

There are times when you may miss the show or you found the show or sporting event interesting making you to watch again, then you can record the same by hooking up the USB on STB. You can pause, record, rewind or forward the action. This feature has really created a buzz around DTH users. Different companies offer different features that create interest among users to buy the service and enjoy watching.

The innovative technology that has been introduced viewers are finding it interesting to watch and even pay for the same. The STB provided by the operators are also gaining popularity. These boxes come with multiple features allowing you to watch your favoraite shows with clarity. Today the age is of digital STB that comes with multiple features like Mosaic- The unique facility of being able to show you 12 programmes of a particular genre on your TV screen, at one go. Favoraites- you can select favourite TV channels whether it is news, sports or movies and put them in a folder. Multilingual- You can set your preferred language as per your choice. Different operators offer different  features in STB along with equipments.

Some of the features of USB recording  on DTH are:

  • Unlimited recording
  • RF Remote
  • Time Based Recroding
  • Pause/Live TV
  • Mark/Skip Watch
  • Auto/Serial Recording

Companies do their best to offer innovative features with device under affordable rate. However, the unlimited USB recording implies on customer who can use device like USB/ External Hard Disk and the device allowing to create own library. There is certain cost which you need to pay only after which the service will be activated. To get the recording, the customer also needs to purchase external storage device for storing recorded content. Customer can also subscribe to any of the SD or HD packages apart from the recording feature monthly to view the channels available without any interruption.

You can compare the service of USB recording on DTH feature with having all the information regarding the features and how it will be beneficial for you. Comparing price and feature is the best way to get service from the right DTH company for life long.


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