RF Remote with Earphones- Modern Mechanism to Enjoy your Favorite Show

RF Remote with Earphones- Modern Mechanism to Enjoy your Favorite Show

Innovation is the best thing that happens in technology. Today, DTH service is scaling high with every household is using DTH service to receive a clear and crisp picture to enjoy. DTH has witnessed many innovations like HD TV and Set Top Box which has internally built features to enjoy watching favorite shows. One such is an RF remote which is the best innovation done by DTH service providing companies. Radio Frequency allows the user to change channels with quite a distance.

RF remote with earphones

RF remote having 3.5mm jack comes with earphones using which you can watch the TV without disturbing others. RF remote with earphones is used mainly for interference free control. This certainly helps in saving time and energy. Moreover, machines running in the wireless format run for long years. Users are not only restricted to earphones, but RF remote with headphones are also the great way to enjoy. Offered in different styles and sizes, the user can use this headphone to enjoy listening song and watch movie crisply.

Why to use RF Remote with Earphones?

This new technology offered with DTH service allows users to view and listening to the show without disturbing others in the surrounding. The best part of the device is there is no loss of signal even if the machine is shut down. If you have a small room, then obviously you need earphone or headphone so that others in the room are not disturbed by the TV sound.

This new improvisation in TV hasn’t been heard before and has surely improved the TV viewing experience. RF remote is capable to work in high frequency and is quite diverse. The remote can work in the radius of 100ft from the TV.

How it works?

The device contains RF systems, helping radio wave that can receive the binary command for the button of the devices that you are using. Radio recipient accepts on the check instrument of the engineering machines the signal and translates it. The remote has the facility has a total number of radio signals flying all through the air at any given time.

The makers of this device ensured that users have a great experience in watching TV from any distance. There is no sky rocket science involved in using such device. If you are planning to change the DTH service or TV then do look for RF remote.  There are different DTH companies offering this device along with STB.

About Videocon DTH:

Videocon d2h, the DTH arm of Videocon group is the fastest growing DTH service provider in India. Videocon d2h has 500 Channels and Services, including 29 Asli HD channels on its platform. It uses MPEG – 4, DVBS -2 technology. It has also launched India’s 1st 1000 GB Asli HD Recorder & Radio Frequency Remote. It has many features like Multiple Tickers, 12 PIP Mosaic, 21 Active Music Audio Video Channels, and d2h movies. Along with HD, subscribers can also enjoy 3D content in rich format.


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