Gone are the days when watching favorite TV shows meant adjusting with the picture quality. Before people enjoyed their favorite TV shows even when the picture on the screen was fuzzy and blurred. The world of television has experienced a great advancement from fuzzy black and white pictures to stunning high-definition images with life-like depth and realism. HD services have truly changed the way of watching television and perceiving things.

Ultra HD 4k TV


The roots of HD services date back to 1970 with the research held by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) published recommendations on the definition of wide screen format and 1100-line scanning structure. A proposal approved by Federal Communications Commission became the mandate Advanced Television Systems Committee standard for terrestrial HD services broadcasting.


Today HD services potentially offers much clear picture and sound quality than what standard services provided. Now the picture on the screen is less blurred and fuzzy, sound is clearer, smoother motion, rich and natural colors. In HD services, the information transferred is more than 6 times which results in a huge improvement in sound and quality. HD programming and films are presented in 16:9 widescreen format. This wider aspect ratio makes the image appear more realistic. High definition signals are digital instead of analog signals that eliminates analog interference caused by electric currents and magnetic fields.  The resolution of the screen is much higher in high definition televisions as compared to standard definition video.

High Definition (HD) is a complete new concept for the TV viewers in India.  Videocon d2h HD services give the viewer a superlative experience of TV viewing with 5 times picture clarity, high definition sound quality and a wide aspect ratio. HD services offer the experience of cinema screens at the comfort of your home. Videocon d2h provides its subscribers a wide range of Asli “HD” channels. Subscribers can enjoy different genre content right from entertainment channels to sports channels to movie channels in high definition. HD services provided are very cost-effective as one has to pay only for HD setup box which is a onetime cost. After this the subscriber has to choose the right pack for him to watch the TV shows and enjoy Videocon’s Asli HD services. Out of 500 Videocon d2h channels and services, 29 are the Asli HD channels. It uses MPEG-4, DVBS-2 technology.


Ultra HD 4k TV color is the next new thing in television world. This technology will mainly focus on the realism of colors. Now TV’S are moving towards 10-bit color system (that is 1024 shades per color) which means access to over a billion colors. For the new technology the resolution of ultra HD would be 1080p. This will surely provide a more fine and clear picture on the screen.

HD services have truly changed the perception of watching a television. Videocon d2h has been successful in providing this service to its customers.


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