With the advent of D2H services, the usage of set top box exponentially rose. Every household, workshop, show rooms witnessed the use of set top box. Any workplace having d2h connection used set top box to which the signal is transmitted and the box is connected to the TV. Set top box acts as a connecting link between TV and Dish antenna through which picture is transmitted. To summarize, DTH set top box acts as a modem that guarantees seamless transfer of link to the TV. In direct-to-home (DTH) telecast, TV channels/programs are directly distributed via satellite to the subscriber’s home without the intervention of a cable operator.  The signals are transmitted in Ku band and are received by the subscribers through a small dish antenna and a set-top box. Many value added services such as the internet, e-mail, data casting, e-commerce and interactive multimedia are also provided by the DTH system.


India is a country with second highest population in the world. High population results in increased number of viewers. Increased number of viewers along with the low cost of DTH set top box is the reason of its substantial growth in the market.


  • Due to the wireless process of DTH, this system can be used in all remote or urban areas.
  • Audience get high quality audio and video which is also cost-effective
  • The world’s entire information is available to anyone at home since it has almost 4000 channels and 2000 radio channels.
  • The making of complaint is easy due to the absence of any mediator.
  • Single DTH service allows you to use digital quality audio, video and high speed broadband.

Videocon has launched its HD digital set top box. The main features of Videocon’s DTH set top box are:

  • Unlimited Recording: Busy and not able to watch your favorite TV show? No worries. This unique feature of Videocon d2h HD STB enables you to record any programme while you are busy. Whether the TV programme is LIVE or scheduled, both can be recorded and watched later at your own leisure.
  • Radio Frequency Remote: This special feature helps to personalize the TV watching experience. RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the STB. RF remote will work in any direction and even when there is an obstruction in front of STB.
  • Title/Time Based Recording: Using this feature the recording for any particular TV programme can be manually set by its title. Timing of the recording can also be set.
  • Rewind/Forward (up to 64 X): Any programme can be either rewinded or forwarded up to 64 times the normal speed, thus saving valuable time.
  • Pause Live TV: Any emergency work can be attended by pressing the pause button of any LIVE programme on TV.
  • Mark-Skip-Watch: Fed up of advertisements? Here is the solution. This feature allows you to mark the parts so that they can be just skipped.
  • Auto Serial Recording: Now your favorite TV programme can even get recorded in your absence.

This Videocon DTH set top box is marked at an affordable price of Rs.1820.


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