Why every home should have digital cable TV

Even though the penetration of television in India is not as high as developed countries, nevertheless the Indian Television industry is very developed. To support the booming television industry, the Indian Government has introduced technological changes in the form on digitalization. In the phase 1 of digitalization, cable TV digital was introduced in the four metros in October 2012. From then, many homes across India have moved to digital cable TV. Here are 5 reasons why every home in India should have a digital TV


  1. Customer oriented services: Most cable networks do not believe in customer services. Even if you were not receiving a particular TV channel in your house, they would not bother. If the cables are disturbed and the clarity is affected, you would have to make a million calls to them before they are fixed. In contrast, DTH players such as Videocon d2h are customer oriented. They strongly believe that the customer is the king and provide services keeping this in mind. The end result is that the customer has the best television viewing experience.
  2. Subscribe channels of your choice: Traditionally, a cable operator never allows the customer to choose which channels to subscribe. A standard subscription of paid and free to air channels is offered to all customers. No customization what so ever is offered to the customers? But on DTH platforms, the customers can select to subscribe the channels of his or her choice. So if you are a sports fanatic, then you can subscribe to all sports channels. If there are no children in your home, you can unsubscribe the kid’s channels. Thus, if gives you all the freedom of choice you deserve.
  3. Pay for what you see: Since you get to choose what channels to subscribe to, you pay only for those channels. Thus, you are not tricked into paying for channels that you don’t even touch. Thus, instead of spending money on channels that you don’t care about, you can invest them in subscribing TV channels of your own choice! If you believe in value for money, you have to make a shift to cable TV digital.
  4. Digital clarity: Picture and sound quality has always been a problem when a cable company is involved. But due to the technology used by DTH platforms, you get crystal clear picture and digital sound. It will almost be like watching a movie in a theatre!
  5. Program guide: Not sure about show timings? Confused which show comes when? Then you will be delighted to know about the automatic program guide provided on digital platforms. All show timings for all channels is provided. This will enable you to plan your television time better and will ensure that you don’t miss your favorite shows!

When compared to cable TV, a digital one is far more superior in a number of ways. If you are frustrated, annoyed and irritated by your current provider, just make the shift and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.


Digital cable TV in vogue

Any type of cable television distribution that uses digital video compression for distribution is a digital cable. Digital cable TV came in vogue during the last decade where television signals were converted into digital HDTV format, which in the earlier times stood incompatible with analog cable systems. Digital cable Television comes with pocketful advantages, like it provides its users with higher resolution HD video, active services such as active gaming and active learning, expanded services such as Pay per view programming, internet access via digital cable and cable telephone services.

D2h Dec1

Most of the times the digital signals are found to be encrypted, that saves you from the worry of cable theft that was possible in analog cable. Digital cable TV technology has allowed cable providers to compress video channels so that they take up less frequency space and to offer various two-way communication capabilities. This has enabled digital cable providers to

  • offer more channels,
  • video on demand services (without use of a telephone line),
  • telephone services,
  • high speed internet services,
  • Interactive television services.

The digital cable technology allows for error correction to ensure the quality of the signals received, and uses a secure digital distribution system.

Cable TV digital has several advantages over analog TV, we are listing some of the most significant ones.

  • Channels offered over digital TV take up less bandwidth,
  • The bandwidth needs are continuously variable, at a corresponding reduction in image quality depending on the level of compression as well as the resolution of the transmitted image.
  • All this simply means that users have an opportunity to view more digital channels in the same space, digital broadcasters can freely provide more number of digital channels this way.
  • DTV also certificates special services such as
  • multiplexing (more than one program on the same channel),
  • electronic program guides
  • Additional languages (spoken or subtitled).

An opportunity to earn additional revenue source is opened through the sale of these non-television services.

Digital and analog signals react to interference differently. This is simply to say that problems such as image ghosting, noise from weak signals, and similar such problems that degrade the quality of signals which further degrades the quality of image and sound can be prevented with minimum efforts, if one uses DTV. With digital television, the audio and video must be synchronized digitally, so reception of the digital signal must be very nearly comprehensive; otherwise, neither audio nor video will be usable. Short of this complete failure, “blocky” video is seen when the digital signal experiences interference.

Besides, digitization has become compulsory in almost all the metros, further India has already launched a massive drive for complete digitization. The active service portal and user friendly interface makes digital cable TV desirable and a better alternative over other available options.

Digital cable TV has made watching TV a complete newer and exciting experience. So what’s the wait for. Grab the opportunity of making television viewing a wonderful experience for you and your family

What is digitization- Things you should know!

Digitization has truly revolutionized watching television for all Indian television viewers. Now with active digitization television viewers have ample opportunity to view their favorite shows with high definition picture quality and CD quality sound effects. However, there are few native viewers who still no idea on what is digitization?


With Digitization comes the facility to pay for only those channels which you stand interested in watching. Then you can also restrict the viewing of several channels for the security of your family. As a result, one need not worry about what kids are watching behind ones back. Apart from this, one can also choose and pay for a movie slot and avoid missing out on your favorite movie.

DTH has facilitated people to add a personal touch to their familiarity of television viewing. Now, they can now choose and create their own modified list of channels they want on their screens. Moreover, they only have to pay for the channels they selected. As a result, they are able to streamline their preferences and optimize on their bills. For convenience, most of the DTH operators have already created channel packages for different segments.

The digitization of the televiosn networks has by far and large eliminated the scope of cable operators who earlier use to exploit the viewers in many a ways. With digitization satellite television has become a possibility for every household, nevertheless the remotest or the farthest of all.

Initially, people had to face the trouble of running after them for problems like unclear signals and an abrupt interruption of the broadcast due to power cuts. Some of them even had the audacity of clipping movie frames to shorten the movie time. All these evils of cable television got erased with the advent of DTH services on a large scale. Digitization has been a very crucial measure in safeguarding the interest of Television viewers from cable operators.

If we compare true data and facts, we shall wholesomely acknowledge that Videocon d2h has emerged as the best service provider out of the contemporaries. Besides, the range of user friendly options, multi dwelling units, easy option to recharge have further accentuated the need for digital TV. Active Options to learn while watching television and many more similar ones make digitations an obligatory requirement in the present times.

Watching these digital TV channels on HD arrangement has fashioned higher interest among viewers. Adding together the company offers various promotions adding channels giving reason to viewers on switching over to digital service. Now, you can check online to know more about the d2h promotional offers and how you can subscribe for the same as a new customer. The available channels that can be picked up for viewing are as follows: Colors HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Discovery World HD, Movies Now HD, Ten HD, Star World Premiere HD, Star plus HD, Star World HD, Star Movies HD, Star Gold HD, ESPN HD, Star Cricket HD, M Tunes HD, Travel XP HD, History

So what’s the wait for, digitization has been made compulsory almost in major metropolitans. It comes with so many added benefits as seen. So got get a set top box and have the pleasure of watching digital television.

Comparing the best DTH services in India

Digitization is becoming the growing need of Indian subcontinent. Broadcasting today has experienced colossal amount of conversions in the present times. These days the newest versions of set top box are coming along with a large number of distinctions and advancements. Like initially we used to pay month to month charges to the cable operators, cable tv operators, but now with the increased sophistication of digitization technology those days have become history. More than 800 satellite television stations are shown in India. This suggests that television viewing is gradually getting modified.


(Image Source:-http://dreamdth.com/Thread-Article-DTH-Services-Comparison-In-India-Which-Is-Best-DTH-In-India)

As digitization is been made compulsory in almost all the major cities of the country there is good scope of competition in this very field. A large number of DTH service providers are today seen in the market. Comparing the Videocon DTH service with the other DTH service providers, Videocon D2h administration supplier offers DTH benefits on the base expense and greatest channels and with Mpeg4 feature quality. Videocon has entered with their Direct to Home D2h with punch line of “Direct hai Correct Hai”.

The Videocon DTH service takes in digital signals, and offers 1080i clarity. With high definition sound quality, customized channel packages and a hassle free wireless network, d2h Service overshadows the analog cable completely. You also need to compare dth service to get the best service. It put forwards a host of facilities to you say.

  • Good signal strength
  • Is rain proof
  • Unlimited recording
  • 1000 GBHD DVR
  • 3D to be future ready
  • Pollution free
  • Preview screen
  • Parental control
  • 24×7 support
  • d2h Cinema
  • over 500 Channels and service
  • Tickers
  • MPEG 4 DVB- S2
  • Over 27 Asli HD channels, 24×7 accesibilty of these HD channels;
  • 24 hrs ad free Star Plus HD, Star World HD, Travel XP HD, Star Cricket HD, Active Music HD, ESPN HD, Star Movies HD, National Geographic HD, Star Gold HD, Discovery HD, Movies Now HD, Active 3d Channel.
  • Comes with easy recharge options
  • Radio frequency remote control
  • Multi lingual call center
  • Record Live TV
  • Active Music Space
  • Regional Content

After the government has made digitization compulsory in all the metropolitan cities of the country, TV viewers in India shall definitely prefer the dth service over analog cable as it comes with advanced features. Videocon DTH services include a feature called interactive television. It has expanded the use of television to an extent that people can play games, watch their personal videos, listen to music CDs, etc. on the television.

The advanced features of Videocon DTH includes

  • Videocon D2hoffers the DTH administrations at a low rate
  • Videocon D2h is practical;
  • It is less expensive than all other administration suppliers ofDTH in India.
  • Its DTH at Low rates is pulling in more customers to subscribe for theDTH Connection
  • It has Radio administrations.

Along with this and many more additional comparable features the Videocon DTH, necessarily stands ahead of all the available DTH services in the market.