The Growing Market of Digital TV Box

Right from the time of 80s the Indian Television has changed dramatically to provide a better viewing experience for its viewers.  In early 80s, Doordarshan was the only channel which used to be played across India. But from 90s the scenario started changing cable operators started taking over Doordarshan and started offering different channels to provide more options and serials to watch. Cable television changed the entire industry and was quite success in capturing the market. This analog service was dominating until D2H service came into market. The D2H service came along digital TV box which was connected to TV and dish antenna.

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Digital TV Box is nothing but special box that is offered with the package and is attached to the TV. All major d2h service providing companies including Videocon D2H offer this box with multiple features and in affordable rate. The digital TV in India is taking the market under its arm giving better option to the viewer to subscribe and use.

Digital TV or the STB is offered in two different forms- standard definition and high definition. Videocon D2H offers HD giving better option for the user to choose and view their favourite shows and sports in better picture. With more and more viewers are subscribing to digital service, the current market of STB is increasing. The market of STB is to grow by 29.3 percent by 2015. The main reason behind this growth is the introduction of HD and smart TV.

STB service providing companies have also covered the market of:

  • By Quality type SD and HD
  • By technology: DVB-C, DVB-S and others
  • Recording and other features

The market of digital set top box is increasing rapidly and is doing its best to offer more and more service for subscribe. With added features and multiple package options, subscriber can enjoy the service under best price.

With the inception of the digital TV, company like Videocon D2H has been offering multiple featured services in its STB to create more interest among user. Viewers always look for new features and service and to offer the best, company ensure every user gets the best under affordable service.

The digital television service reaches its users directly, so there is no cable operator or any other middle man to offer the service.

No more Cable Operator:

There is no more cable operator service if you once go for D2H service. Earlier viewers had no choice but to stick for cable operator service and pay high. Moreover, the viewer won’t have to keep calling the provider and keep waiting to solve the problem of cable. D2H companies offer 24hr service to solve any kind of problem occurred in STB and dish antenna.  You can just call up the company and they will reach you to solve the problem.

With the increasing demand for digital TV and set top box, companies are doing best to offer quality service for long term and keep a good relationship with subscribers.


Get a premium picture quality on your TV with Videocon D2H

In earlier times there was possibly only one option for people to get some entertainment at their homes, and that was because of the channel ‘Doordarshan’. Well, time changed and soon after the Cable Television Ordinance Law of 1995 was passed, people visualized a sudden elevation in the world of entertainment. It also opened up a new industry in the country providing huge market and industry opportunities for people. Inspite, of the poor performance delivered by the local cable suppliers’ people had very little options available for different subscriptions. The primary reason for this dissatisfaction was selective broadcasts, strikes, poor services and sudden increase in tariff plans.

D2h OCT3

Some of these people possibly felt relieved after the arrival of DTH services in 2000 which also proved to be an instantaneous threat to the local cable industry. How is DTH different? Well, the primary difference lies in the quality and services provided. When compared to the local cable TV operators, the DTH providers offer a far better clarity of the channels. In addition, the DTH services allow their customers to opt for packages and limit the number of channels they prefer to watch. By limiting the number of channels consumers gets the opportunity to avoid unnecessary monthly bills, and pay a far more narrowed amount.

After the arrival of DTH services in India several reputed companies have started providing services throughout the country. However, one such company that has made its mark over the industry is Videocon D2H. The signal reception by the Videocon D2H provides a far clearer picture clarity and quality due to reduced service breakdowns. Another major problem with the local cable operators is that a power cut in the locality of the cable station would bar a customer from viewing television in some other area, which is not the same with the DTH service providers.

One of the major cons of this digital cable provider is that it presents slightly cheaper monthly packages which prove to be economical for the consumers. Moreover, it provides excellent AQ and PQ throughout all the channels, and also presents extensive channel bouquets. The packages are easy to understand and choose, and their prime specialty is that their installation and tech team are ready to serve their customers at any time, ‘politely’. The picture quality is maintained in all their channels, and it is also astonishing to know the amount of channels they present, both SD and HD in all of their packages.

The Videocon service provides an opportunity to consumers to achieve exceptional information on TV viewing with high definition character superiority, 5 times picture clarity and a higher perspective proportion. It has brought in a whole new concept of “Asli” HD channels in the country, where viewers can synonymously experience watching games channels, infotainment channels, GEC or general entertainment channels to that of a theatre. The general super gold package comes for Rs 231 per month offering 326 channels and other services, whereas their ultimate and highly preferred platinum HD pack is available at Rs 550 offering 417 channels and services.

Getting complete entertainment through Videocon Dish TV packages

The past decade has seen the change in the way of viewing televisions by people all round the world. This has been made possible with the help of Direct to Home (DTH) services that have succeeded in providing the subscribers with their favorite channels in images that are of high definition quality blended with the perfect surround sound. Subscribing for a DTH service can provide you with a long list of both Standard Definition (SD) channels as well as High Definition (HD) channels. You may even have the privilege to choose SD channels alone, that can cut short your viewership fee. But those who prefer perfect picture quality and resolution with great surround sound are advised to pick the HD Dish TV packages.


Videocon D2H is a DTH service provider from the reputed home appliance company Videocon. Though there are a lot of other rival service providers competing with Videocon, the main reason for its success is because it provides its customers with almost every possible channel they have assigned for a particular package unlike its rivals who make sure that certain channels in the package list are cut out. Such cut out channels can be viewed only after paying a specific fee for the channel alone. But through Videocon D2H, entertainment is non-stop with perfect picture and sound quality.

Videocon D2H offers two separate packages –

  • Packages for North, East & West India
  • Packages for South India

Packages for North, East & West India: Packages for North, East & West India can be further found in 6 packs. Super Gold pack with a monthly charge of Rs 231 with 326 channels and services, Gold Maxi with a monthly subscription fee of Rs 260 for 328 channels and services, New Gold Sports Pack with a monthly charge of Rs 300 with 326 channels and services, New Diamond Pack for Rs 355 per month with 383 channels and services, Platinum pack for Rs 410 a month with 393 channels and services and Platinum HD Pack with Rs 520 per month for 417 channels and services

Packages for South India: Packages for South India are listed in 9 packs. The South Silver pack gives you 306 channels and services for Rs 180 per month, South Silver Maxi pack with a monthly subscription of Rs 210 per month with 308 channels and services, South Silver Sports pack will be available at Rs 240 per month with 317 channels and services, New South Gold pack is available at Rs 231 per month with 364 channels and services, South Gold Maxi pack will be available for you at Rs 270 per month with 364 channels and services, New South Gold Sports pack can be subscribed for Rs 300 per month with 380 channels and services, New South Diamond pack will be available to you at Rs 355 per month with 408 channels and services, South Platinum pack will be available for your at Rs 410 per month with 418 channels and services and New South Platinum HD pack can be availed at Rs 541 per month with a list of 446 channels and services.

Subscribing for a DTH service can help you in loading your television with a list of wonderful channels. But if you prefer not to have certain channels provided in Dish TV packages, mostly if you do not want your kids to view certain channels, you can contact your service provider to block them at once. 

Choose your Dish TV Packages Wisely

Majority of TV viewing population today has D2H connection to enjoy crisp and varied channels under affordable recharge price.  There are many companies in India, especially private ones, that offers dth channel connection under various packages. Videocon D2H service users are quite happy with the availability of packages offered by the service provider. Being into this industry since many years, Videocon D2H understands the requirements of the users need to enjoy watching their favorite shows.

Choosing the Packages:

The very first thing that the user has to understand while looking for dish TV packages is the channels that are required to watch. Moreover, companies like Videocon has listed packages according to the region the service is offered. There are packs offered for South region and North region. Packages offered for north region are Super Gold PackagD2h10e (Rs 231 pm 326 channels), Gold Maxi (Rs 260pm 328 channels), New Gold Sports Pack (Rs 300 pm 362 channels), New Diamond Rs 355pm 383 channels), Gold Entertainment (Rs 305pm 335 channels), Gold Sports (Rs 341pm 330 channels), Gold HD (Rs389pm 349 channels) and Platinum HD Pack (Rs520 pm 417 channels).

For South Region, South Silver (Rs180pm 306 channels), South Silver Maxi (Rs 210 pm 308 channels), South Silver Sports (Rs 240 307 channels), New South Gold (Rs 231 pm 362 channels), South Gold Maxi (Rs 270pm 364 channels), News South Diamond Pack (Rs 355pm 408 channels) and South Platinum Pack (Rs 410 pm 418 channels).

The service also offers Add Ons in which channels which are not available in the base pack can be subscribed by having Add Ons.

The dish TV packages also offer long term recharge for first connection.  This service is offered for North, East and West connection users.  Similar is with Long Term Recharge for Multiroom Connections.

Product and Packages:

 The packages offered by the company also include equipments having different features along. Some of the equipments offered are Digital Set Top Box, HD Digital Set Top Box with 3D, HD Digital Set Top Box with Unlimited Recording and HD Digital Video Recorder. Each equipment carry different features like unlimited recording, Pause Live TV, HD Satellite Box, Preview Screen and Tickers.

The best part of having such dish TV packages is to recharge it online.  The plans and packages are catered to different customers in different regions. These packages are offered depending on the requirement of the user. The main problem that the user had to go with is the regular recharge of the plan. But with the online long term recharge, user can easily charge by sitting at the comfort of the home. The payment of the same can also be done online using various payment options.

Videocon D2H has been offering services to many parts of India and has literally changed the way of TV viewing.  With the availability of wide range of channels and packages, users can check out the packages. The best thing about d2h connection is the crisp channels that make the TV viewing more enjoyable.