Gone are the days when watching favorite TV shows meant adjusting with the picture quality. Before people enjoyed their favorite TV shows even when the picture on the screen was fuzzy and blurred. The world of television has experienced a great advancement from fuzzy black and white pictures to stunning high-definition images with life-like depth and realism. HD services have truly changed the way of watching television and perceiving things.

Ultra HD 4k TV


The roots of HD services date back to 1970 with the research held by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) published recommendations on the definition of wide screen format and 1100-line scanning structure. A proposal approved by Federal Communications Commission became the mandate Advanced Television Systems Committee standard for terrestrial HD services broadcasting.


Today HD services potentially offers much clear picture and sound quality than what standard services provided. Now the picture on the screen is less blurred and fuzzy, sound is clearer, smoother motion, rich and natural colors. In HD services, the information transferred is more than 6 times which results in a huge improvement in sound and quality. HD programming and films are presented in 16:9 widescreen format. This wider aspect ratio makes the image appear more realistic. High definition signals are digital instead of analog signals that eliminates analog interference caused by electric currents and magnetic fields.  The resolution of the screen is much higher in high definition televisions as compared to standard definition video.

High Definition (HD) is a complete new concept for the TV viewers in India.  Videocon d2h HD services give the viewer a superlative experience of TV viewing with 5 times picture clarity, high definition sound quality and a wide aspect ratio. HD services offer the experience of cinema screens at the comfort of your home. Videocon d2h provides its subscribers a wide range of Asli “HD” channels. Subscribers can enjoy different genre content right from entertainment channels to sports channels to movie channels in high definition. HD services provided are very cost-effective as one has to pay only for HD setup box which is a onetime cost. After this the subscriber has to choose the right pack for him to watch the TV shows and enjoy Videocon’s Asli HD services. Out of 500 Videocon d2h channels and services, 29 are the Asli HD channels. It uses MPEG-4, DVBS-2 technology.


Ultra HD 4k TV color is the next new thing in television world. This technology will mainly focus on the realism of colors. Now TV’S are moving towards 10-bit color system (that is 1024 shades per color) which means access to over a billion colors. For the new technology the resolution of ultra HD would be 1080p. This will surely provide a more fine and clear picture on the screen.

HD services have truly changed the perception of watching a television. Videocon d2h has been successful in providing this service to its customers.


Feed your TV addiction with Active services

With the growth of Indian Television industry, the number of television addicts too has increased in the country. In a country where Bollywood’s popularity is undeniable, it is amazing to see a new genre of viewers who prefer television watching to movies in the theatre. Be it prime time soap operas or live cricket matches, Indian television is an essential part of our culture now! If you are a true TV addict, you know what we are talking about!

When it comes to shows on Indian Television, there is always something for everyone. From TV channels that promote a particular genre to shows that experiment with new genres to TV series that are imported from abroad, there is so much a viewer can enjoy each day! Moreover, the programming of all these TV channels is such that both the grandparent and the grandchild can watch equal number of hours of television. Moreover, there is fresh content created specifically for Indian audiences and both reality shows and fiction shows are equally popular among audiences.

But that’s not all. What has given a boost to this industry is the digital TV penetration across India. Dedicated television viewers were more than happy to switch to DTH platforms like Videocon d2h so that they can enjoy better picture and sound quality and appreciate their favorite shows more. The best aspect of DTH was that it reaches out to television fans that are located in the remotest areas of India. Moreover with DTH, viewers could enjoy multiple channels of their choice and pay for only those that they wished to view.

With the passage of time, DTH services improved in India and it was no longer just about providing the local and international TV channels. There was a need to provide something extra. If you are a TV addict, then this is your moment to rejoice. In a bid to provide better services, active services were launched in India.

Active services are interactive channels that provide viewers with an experience like never before. They are value added services that has the following benefits:

  1. Access to exclusive content: If the regular TV shows no longer excite you, then these interactive channels will blow your mind. The content on these channels is revolutionary and is designed keeping in mind what new age customers will love to see. Moreover, unlike traditional TV channels, the content is kept fresh by constant changes and new concept introductions
  2. Pay per view: Another great feature of this service is that you pay only if you access the channel. If your kids have summer break, you may subscribe for these channels and then the next month you may not. You have the freedom of deciding what content you pay for!
  3. Enjoy shows anytime: Most of these channels give you the freedom to choose the time you want watch the show. The schedules are flexible and you can event watch it middle of the night.

These interactive services cater to your TV addiction and cannot be ignored!

The growing clout of DTH services and ease of using

Gone are the days when people would run around complaining about the bad picture quality from their cable network provider as the DTH services has taken over the world. Earlier there were many problems which the subscriber had to face as the cable operators used their monopoly to good effect. With the arrival of Direct to Home services, watching television has now become a real enjoyable experience again. There are many advantages involved which make it an amazing experience for the users to endorse the digital TV revolution. The burgeoning popularity of the entertainment medium is proof of how much convenient it is for the people.

DTH online recharge

Digital TV Revolution

The digital television network has strengthened so much that many millions of households have chosen to join it in just a few years. The digital TV industry, though in its nascent stage only, has gathered enough momentum and is sure to grow further in the coming time. The biggest advantage is the choice of channels made available to the users who were helpless earlier. Now the subscribers have abundant options made available to them in the form of channel packages which you can select as per preference. Videocon D2H has made a niche in the field with quality and multiple value recharges that make it easy for the subscribers to select packages.

Digital TV Recharge

For installation people can get the set top box and the antenna at their home. The latest technology has enabled the high definition channels to be available with the specific denomination recharge which can be done online. This is another major advantage that drives people towards the DTH network.  Choose among the favorite channels from sports to regional ones and pay for only what you wish to see rather than acquiring all of the channels. This way you are saving money while enjoying the popular shows on television. With the growing clout, the digital tv recharge has now become ubiquitous.

DTH online Recharge

The growing use of internet  has made it possible to get your DTH recharge done within a few minutes while working on your PC. The online digital tv recharge is a safe and a mighty effective method of getting the digital TV working at all times uninterrupted. Depending on the tariff plan of your choice the online recharge can be done in no time. The plus point with DTH online recharge is that now most net savvy people won’t have to move out of the comfort area of their homes to get it done. You can pay the amount using net banking or debit/credit card and even apply discount vouchers as well. For the people who are unable to complete DTH online recharge, the availability of such facility at nearby stores is a big boon.

Present day status of television is like another member in the family. Whenever it shuts down due to lack of credits in your account, the people in the house are sure to feel the pinch. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on favorite TV shows due to lack of recharge ever.

The Boom of Satellite Television in India

Over the years, satellite television in India has been running successfully with the display of clear and crisp picture & sound. Today, it has not only restricted to city, but also has reached village areas in a rapid form. Consumers today have shifted from cable TV operating to satellite TV service. This marginal shift has created more interest among provider to offer better service and more features.


Today, even corporate DTH service providing companies are engaged into satellite system service. Videocon D2H is the strong competitor in this market and has successfully covered enough region and consumers for the same.  Consumers are having a better opportunity to customize their options with various service providers offering technical assistance, better pricing etc.

What Exactly Satellite System is?

Here channels are broadcasted directly via communication satellite. The signal is relayed by dish antenna connected to your television. Later, the same is converted into audio-video content by set-top box. The best part of such connection is viewers can view wide range of entertainment channels compared to cable.

This service was started nearly a decade ago and has been accepted by viewers across India. It has been huge relief for them from repeated harassment from cable operators over high charges and limited channels. Satellite television has come as a much relief for the consumers and switching over to it. This has certainly caused a pain to cable operators. Perhaps, this is what the reason why they are now offering dth service too.

Benefits of this Satellite System:

The major benefit of this system has come to the consumers, by switching over from traditional viewing to quality viewing. With company Videocon D2H, consumers are gaining more than the expected benefit. Some of the benefits of having this connection are mentioned below:

  • Multilingual Channel Guide: A well managed satellite connection offer MCG allowing users to watch EPG in their preferred languages through the use of language button.
  • Customization: This is the best thing of having this connection from dth providers because you can customize as per your choice and requirement. Videocon D2H offers options like progress bar, weather information etc.
  • Active Service: With this feature, you and your children can learn and even have entertainment. Those who love playing games or even want movies on demand can check out this service.
  • Digital Clarity: The best of d2h satellite connection is the digital color viewing of channels. You will witness a huge difference between d2h and cable TV operator channels offering. Clean viewing and clear sound give more reason to watch movies and engage in other stuff.

Living up to the Promise:

Well-known companies offering D2H service always live it to the promise made while offering the connection. Quality service, multiple pack of packages, extra number of channels etc are some of the benefits which the viewer receives with the connection. The future of satellite TV connection in India is very promising, as there is a huge requirement of such service in cities and remote areas. Of course, this development can hurt cable operators, but is worth to get such service.