Getting closer to DTH service with USB Recording

DTH in India is the most prominent presentation that has happened for TV viewers. Companies are now doing their best to offer added value services along with regular DTH features to increase the monopoly and interest among users to buy the service. In India, for more than decades, cable TV services have dominated to the Indian TV by offering limited channels but with a high price. Every household had the same cable TV service connection. But as the time changed, the monopoly came to an end and private DTH service providers started offering services. The best thing about having a private DTH service is the features that are offered along. One such feature is the USB recording on DTH which helps viewers to record and watch the show early.

There are times when you may miss the show or you found the show or sporting event interesting making you to watch again, then you can record the same by hooking up the USB on STB. You can pause, record, rewind or forward the action. This feature has really created a buzz around DTH users. Different companies offer different features that create interest among users to buy the service and enjoy watching.

The innovative technology that has been introduced viewers are finding it interesting to watch and even pay for the same. The STB provided by the operators are also gaining popularity. These boxes come with multiple features allowing you to watch your favoraite shows with clarity. Today the age is of digital STB that comes with multiple features like Mosaic- The unique facility of being able to show you 12 programmes of a particular genre on your TV screen, at one go. Favoraites- you can select favourite TV channels whether it is news, sports or movies and put them in a folder. Multilingual- You can set your preferred language as per your choice. Different operators offer different  features in STB along with equipments.

Some of the features of USB recording  on DTH are:

  • Unlimited recording
  • RF Remote
  • Time Based Recroding
  • Pause/Live TV
  • Mark/Skip Watch
  • Auto/Serial Recording

Companies do their best to offer innovative features with device under affordable rate. However, the unlimited USB recording implies on customer who can use device like USB/ External Hard Disk and the device allowing to create own library. There is certain cost which you need to pay only after which the service will be activated. To get the recording, the customer also needs to purchase external storage device for storing recorded content. Customer can also subscribe to any of the SD or HD packages apart from the recording feature monthly to view the channels available without any interruption.

You can compare the service of USB recording on DTH feature with having all the information regarding the features and how it will be beneficial for you. Comparing price and feature is the best way to get service from the right DTH company for life long.


Are you digital yet?

Entertainment and food are two things on which no one wishes to compromise. The biggest and most constant source of entertainment is the television. It brings several emotions, teaches us moral lessons, shows us facts, fictions, drama and reality and connects us with the world, all with the touch of a remote. The today’s consumer is smart and relies on the internet and television to gain knowledge and awareness of things. Naturally, the internet and television have to get biggsatellite televisioner and better, something, which the digitization of television has facilitated through direct to home services.

The direct to home services has brought in the best refreshment one can have by providing a larger number of channels and services, better receptivity and technological advancements. These direct to home or dth services as they are popularly known as, make the use of a reflector and a set top box which brings in 5 times better picture clarity on the satellite television.

India has seen promising entertainment and value for money with giants like Videocon d2h entering this industry. By catering to strong regional audiences with 400 plus channels and services, and by being the first to introduce a 3D channel on its platform, Videocon d2h stands to be the obvious dth choice! It has also created some revolutionary products like India’s first Radio frequency remote which claims obstruction, direction & distance between the remote and television are a ‘no problem’. Videocon d2h has also received various accolades and awards such as ‘India’s Fastest Growing Digital dth Service’ and ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand’ to name insufficiently.

Some of the spectacular features of Videocon d2h digital direct to home services are 12 picture in picture mosaic that helps you choose through 12 different channels in a genre at one time, the tickers option which comes to your rescue when your wife wants to watch the serials, and you want to catch up on news or the favorites option which only lets you choose what you prefer!

If digital is where you wish to be, grab the thrilling online offers on .

Satellite TV from videocond2h

High Definition (HD) was once a term which people did not know about, but now it’s just one another common word as many of the electronic equipment’s like television, mobile, tablets, computers are using HD technology in them. Even new HD channels are coming up with the existing channels also airing its HD version.  But these HD channels however are not clearly visible on the cable network. The only solution to this is to switch to satellite tv or (dth) service.

Satellite tv service is a tv service where the broadcasted tv channels are received directly from the satellite through a satellite dish planted on the terrace. A set top box (stb) is required to decode the digital signals and display on the tv.

There are different types of set top box provided by the 6 Satellite tv service providers and cable operators in India. The stb provided by the cable operators are of low quality and do not have many features in them. But the ones provided by the dth service providers having various latest technological features. They are as follows.

  1. Digital Set Top Box: It is a standard definition digital box.
  2. High Definition Digital Set Top Box: Viewers can view HD channels on HD digital TV box.
  3. HD Digital Video Recorder: Viewers can record their favorite movies and serials directly from their television.

Videocon d2h, an innovator in dth industry, use advanced digital technology in the world. We do provide the stb boxes mentioned above at exciting prices when compared to the other service providers. The cost of the stb boxes that we provide are given below.

  1. Digital Set Top Box: Rs.1999
  2. High Definition Digital Set Top Box: Rs.1890 + Rs.1000 for installation and activation.
  3. HD Digital Video Recorder: Rs.3990 + Rs.2500 for installation and activation.

We provide 400+ channels and services with 22 Asli “HD” channels which is the highest provided by a dth service provider in India. This number will increase when the new HD channel and normal definition channels are introduced. There are 17 different packages under which these channels are present. The subscriber can also pick and pay for the channels which are preferred to be seen from Add On and A-la-Carte packs. The picture and sound quality is crystal clear thus making the best service provider in India. Recharge can be done both online and offline.

Sounds great? So hurry and go to our nearest dealer and purchase the set top box availing the latest offers. You can also subscribe to us by just clicking on the following link and book online. We are always there 24×7 on our customer care numbers, facebook and twitter page to receive your valuable comments and

Digital Television Digitization

Digital TV in India has been increasing day by day. One of the major reasons behind this is the mandatory digitization. Due to the law passed by government 4 metros are already digitized and rest of the cities will be digitized soon. It is estimated by government that by 2015 entire country will be digitized. Videocon d2h is one major provider of digital TV in India. The company has touched one million subscriber bases and is growing at a steady pace. It is the fastest growing DTH Company in India.

When we talk about digitization many terms such as digital TV dish, digital TV box, digital TV package and digital TV recharge are spoken about. A clear idea of these terms provides a clearer picture to digital TV and digitization.

Digital TV dish

Digital TV receives signals directly from the satellite. In order to receive this signals a dish is placed on the roof facing the satellite. This dish is called a digital TV dish. It receives signals from the satellite and transmits it to the television through digital cables and digital TV box. Videocon d2h provides the customer with Digital TV channels. It also provides an option of multi dwelling units where more than one subscribers share the same dish. This reduces cost of the subscriber.

Digital TV box

Digital TV box popularly known as set top box helps in customizing service as per customer requirements. It helps in transmitting the waves obtained from the Dish on the TV. Set top box acts as a TV tuner to the digital TV. Videocon d2h offers 3 types of digital TV box to its customers the standard definition box, HD box and HD-DVR.

Digital TV package

Digital TV packages are channels bundled together and offered as package to the customer. These packages are made by carefully bundling the channels such that it fulfills the requirement of a considerable group of people. Videocon d2h offers customers with various packages. There are special packages for South India. It also offers ala carte where a customer when not satisfied with the packages can select singe single channels and pay for the same.

Digital TV recharge

Digital TV needs to be recharged. The amount of recharge depends on the package selected. This recharge can be done monthly, quarterly, yearly or more. Videocon d2h provides a variety of options that can be used to recharge the card. The customer can recharge online using internet banking, credit card or debit card, it can be recharged through recharge vouchers, dealers of company and call centers.

For more details on Digital TV, Videocon d2h and its products and packages you can visit Videocon d2h’s website or you can call the call centre for assistance.