Videocon d2h—The Innovator in Set Top Box

The trends in Indian Television industry is changing drastically and a very simple question which arises in every consumer mind is what is Digital TV? Digital TV is the new technology for the broadcasting television signals. Traditionally, analog TV transmission has been the traditional method of broadcasting TV channels. But analog TV is not as sufficient as that of the Digital TV. Digital Television is the transmission and audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signals, in contrast to totally analog and channel separated signals used by analog. The Government had also passed and orders that the entire home should be get digitalized by the end 2015 i.e. replacing analog TV with the Digital TV.

After knowing the Digital TV, let’s look at what is Digital box. The Videocon D2H Company has a 3 different kind of Digital Box for TV.

ü  Standard Definition Set Top Box

ü  High Definition Set Top Box

ü  High Definition Video Recorder Set Top Box

Standard digital set top box

  • This Digital Box is a basic set top box and is the cheapest of the three. Its features are 12 PIP mosaic, Multilingual Channel Guide, d2h Cinema, 41 Audio/ Video Music Channel, Favorites, Preview Screen (in Full Guide), Info Bar, Tickers, d2h Movies and contain USB Port.

High definition digital set top box

  • HD Digital box contains all the features of standard set top box apart from these the features of HD set top box are High Definition Box, Full HD Picture Quality, 5 x times Digital Quality Picture, HDD Sound-High Definition Digital Sound and 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio.

High definition digital video recorder

  • High Definition Digital Video Recorder:  HD DVR (what is a DVR )contains all the features of HD Digital Box along with these features the other features are HD Recorder(High Definition + Recorder), Record 2 and watch 1, 500 GB Hard Disk (Hard Disk Worth Rs 5650/- Inbuilt), 775 hours of Recording(up to), Auto Serial Recording, Pause Live TV, MSW—Mark—Skip—Watch, Title Based Recording, Time Based Recording, Buffer Memory Recording , Slow Motion, Rewind/Forward(up to 32x), Dual USB Port, Internet Port and 3D.

After studying the various Digital Box, let’s us study about the Set Top Box TV. The Set Top Box plays a very important role without which a person cannot watch the television.  To enjoy the digital viewing experience one needs to have a 3 things TV, Reflector, Set Top Box. The Set Top Box has a smart card slot where you need to insert a smart card; the Set up Box won’t work until you insert a smart card into it.



WHAT IS DIGITAL TV? TV channels we watch are the result of the television signals. These signals can be sent through analog, digital and terrestrial format. Digital television (DTV) is the transmission of audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signal, in contrast to the totally analog and channel separated signals used by analog. The central government is aiming at digitalization that is replacing broadcast analog television with digital television to allow other uses of the television radio spectrum.

A common question arising in mind of the customer today is WHAT IS DTH?, a common term used by all network providers. DTH is an acronym for ‘Direct to Home’ service. D2H used by Videocon services also stands for the same. DTH is a digital satellite service that provides television viewing services directly to subscribers through satellite transmission anywhere in the country. A dish placed outside home helps in receiving the signals and broadcasting the transmission onto a television. DTH allows the users to select the DTH TV channels and pay only for those. These channels can be managed through TV recharge. TV recharge is a prepaid system where customer selects the pack of channels they want to view and pay according to the rate of the pack. These recharges can be done monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly or up to 3 years according to the convenience of the customer. Most of the companies providing DTH services have made packages by clustering various DTH channels. The customer can select the best package according to his needs.

After knowing what is digital TV and what is DTH lets know a major service provider of DTH service Videocon D2H. This company was started in 2009 and is the fastest growing DTH service provider in India. It provides 400+ TV channels and services which include 22 asli HD channels and active services. The customer can select the number of channels and services by selecting suitable TV recharge package. The key features of Videocon D2H are record two channels, pause live TV, buffer memory recording, auto serial recording, time based recording, title based recording, slow motion view, mark skip watch option, dual USB port, Internet port, rewind/forward option, wide aspect ratio, full HD resolution and 5 X digital picture. Along with these features the company provides service like multilingual call customer care, multiple recharge options like website, debit/credit card, net banking, IVR and recharge PCS via SMS, multi dwelling unit for connecting multiple houses within the same multi storied building with a single Antenna/Reflector to receive Direct-to-Home services, D2h movies, active music space, tickers, 3D active channels, relocation service and multi lingual audio feed to its customers.

Set top Box for Television

Television, one of the most used electronic devices in every household, has seen various changes over the past century since the invention of black and white tv in the year 1926 to the LCD, Plasma and LED television of the present. The modern day television has the screen size 16:9 which comes with a High Definition (HD). HD digital tv’s has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which would give a person tv viewing experience of his life time. The broad casters have started to broadcast HD digital signal which is to give a clear image on the HD digital tv’s. The equipment’s that the cable operators have is the old analog systems which were there to receive the analog waves.  As the technology for transmission has been upgraded, the one for receiving should also be updated. It is pretty much clear that cable for digital tv is not the right solution. You all would have heard your cable operator telling to buy a set top box form them. But it has to be understood that, the signals that the cable operators would supply would be through the cables and it has been already understood that cable for digital tv is not going to work out. There are also greater possibilities of signal theft and loss of signal due to problem with the cables. Experts have mentioned that, it is better to dump cable for digital tv and buy direct to home set top boxes to watch better picture in the modern day television sets.

There are many dth service providers who are providing their services. But the fastest growing service provider is Videocon d2h as we use the latest technology and understand the needs of the customers. We have a variety of set top boxes which are above par with the other players in this industry. They are Digital set top box, HD digital set top box and HD DVR (digital video recorders). Digital set top box is for watching Standard definition channels, whereas HD digital set top box and HD DVR is for watching Standard definition and High Definition channels. The added advantage of the digital video recorders is for recording videos and watching it at your convenience. Due to your busy life in this fast moving world, watching your favorite shows has become a nightmare. We at Videocon d2h have understood this and have come up this HD DVR (what is a DVR) having a storage space of500GBwith which you won’t be missing your favorite shows any more. Doesn’t that sound great?

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and go to our nearest dealer and purchase the set top box availing the latest offers. You can also subscribe to us by just clicking on the following link and book online. We are there 24×7 on our customer care numbers, facebook and twitter page to receive your valuable comments and feedbacks.

Buy an HD DVR today

Buying an HD DVR today can be an experience, thanks to the competition between the 6 Major DTH (what is DTH)players offering HD DVR set top box and hd dvr services in Indian market. You need to choose the very best wisely, based on your requirements, quality of the hd dvr service offered and your budget. To guide you to make the best choice, we decided to bring the side by side comparison review of HD DVRs between two of India’s leading and best DTH service providers, Airtel Digital TV HD Recorder & Videocon d2h HD DVR

Cost of the Hardware (Set Top Boxes)

Airtel digital  is available at the price of Rs. 4500 for new subscribers & Rs. 4000 for existing subscribers opting for HD DVR either for upgrade from existing Airtel Digital connection or as a secondary connection. Subscribers who return their existing SD/HD Set-top box will get free Bonus of Rs. 300 credited to their account and Rs. 500 bonus for Airtel Digital (DVR without HD) subscribers.  No free viewing period is given with Airtel Digital  at the above cost.

On the other hand Videocon d2h HD DVR set top box  is available at an aggressive price of Rs. 4490 for new subscriber with 1 month of any pack including their Platinum hd pack which is worth Rs 400 + taxes. Existing subscribers upgrading to HD DVR (What is a DVR) need to pay Rs. 3490. Special Cash Back of Rs. 1000/- for Upgrade subscribers is also available which makes the actual cost Rs. 2740/- which is a steal deal. Again the free viewing period is o 1 month of any pack including the platinum HD pack.

(Cash Back offer for New Subscribers is only valid for Call Center & Web Bookings)

Installation Experience

To start with Videocon d2h, we booked the work order on 12th january 2012 to install the HD DVR and surprisingly within half an hour we got a call from local engineer asking for installation, we agreed and within 20 Minutes he reached our place & started installation work. Engineers took more than an hour for installing the Dish at roof and activating the HD DVR. Videocon d2h  guys behaved decently during the installation but both of them seems a trained as they were aware of the recent price hike & changes (15 days ago) in the Package

On 18th August 2011, we booked the order for airtel Digital TV [HD Recorder] within 3 hours we received a call from local airtel office stating HD Recorder is out of Stock & said it will be in stocks by next week. Engineers visited our premises sharp at 12:00 PM and started installation work. Engineer suggested us to bring the wires for the STB from the DTH Dish to the room via drilling two small holes in the wall instead of bringing them through window as we wouldn’t be able to close the window. We agreed to the engineer’s suggestion, he drilled the wall and tacked both the wires to the wall very neatly.

So all in all Videocon d2h seems to be a clear winner when it comes to HD set top box and HD services.

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