The Boom of Satellite Television in India

Over the years, satellite television in India has been running successfully with the display of clear and crisp picture & sound. Today, it has not only restricted to city, but also has reached village areas in a rapid form. Consumers today have shifted from cable TV operating to satellite TV service. This marginal shift has created more interest among provider to offer better service and more features.


Today, even corporate DTH service providing companies are engaged into satellite system service. Videocon D2H is the strong competitor in this market and has successfully covered enough region and consumers for the same.  Consumers are having a better opportunity to customize their options with various service providers offering technical assistance, better pricing etc.

What Exactly Satellite System is?

Here channels are broadcasted directly via communication satellite. The signal is relayed by dish antenna connected to your television. Later, the same is converted into audio-video content by set-top box. The best part of such connection is viewers can view wide range of entertainment channels compared to cable.

This service was started nearly a decade ago and has been accepted by viewers across India. It has been huge relief for them from repeated harassment from cable operators over high charges and limited channels. Satellite television has come as a much relief for the consumers and switching over to it. This has certainly caused a pain to cable operators. Perhaps, this is what the reason why they are now offering dth service too.

Benefits of this Satellite System:

The major benefit of this system has come to the consumers, by switching over from traditional viewing to quality viewing. With company Videocon D2H, consumers are gaining more than the expected benefit. Some of the benefits of having this connection are mentioned below:

  • Multilingual Channel Guide: A well managed satellite connection offer MCG allowing users to watch EPG in their preferred languages through the use of language button.
  • Customization: This is the best thing of having this connection from dth providers because you can customize as per your choice and requirement. Videocon D2H offers options like progress bar, weather information etc.
  • Active Service: With this feature, you and your children can learn and even have entertainment. Those who love playing games or even want movies on demand can check out this service.
  • Digital Clarity: The best of d2h satellite connection is the digital color viewing of channels. You will witness a huge difference between d2h and cable TV operator channels offering. Clean viewing and clear sound give more reason to watch movies and engage in other stuff.

Living up to the Promise:

Well-known companies offering D2H service always live it to the promise made while offering the connection. Quality service, multiple pack of packages, extra number of channels etc are some of the benefits which the viewer receives with the connection. The future of satellite TV connection in India is very promising, as there is a huge requirement of such service in cities and remote areas. Of course, this development can hurt cable operators, but is worth to get such service.