Gone are the days when watching favorite TV shows meant adjusting with the picture quality. Before people enjoyed their favorite TV shows even when the picture on the screen was fuzzy and blurred. The world of television has experienced a great advancement from fuzzy black and white pictures to stunning high-definition images with life-like depth and realism. HD services have truly changed the way of watching television and perceiving things.

Ultra HD 4k TV


The roots of HD services date back to 1970 with the research held by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) published recommendations on the definition of wide screen format and 1100-line scanning structure. A proposal approved by Federal Communications Commission became the mandate Advanced Television Systems Committee standard for terrestrial HD services broadcasting.


Today HD services potentially offers much clear picture and sound quality than what standard services provided. Now the picture on the screen is less blurred and fuzzy, sound is clearer, smoother motion, rich and natural colors. In HD services, the information transferred is more than 6 times which results in a huge improvement in sound and quality. HD programming and films are presented in 16:9 widescreen format. This wider aspect ratio makes the image appear more realistic. High definition signals are digital instead of analog signals that eliminates analog interference caused by electric currents and magnetic fields.  The resolution of the screen is much higher in high definition televisions as compared to standard definition video.

High Definition (HD) is a complete new concept for the TV viewers in India.  Videocon d2h HD services give the viewer a superlative experience of TV viewing with 5 times picture clarity, high definition sound quality and a wide aspect ratio. HD services offer the experience of cinema screens at the comfort of your home. Videocon d2h provides its subscribers a wide range of Asli “HD” channels. Subscribers can enjoy different genre content right from entertainment channels to sports channels to movie channels in high definition. HD services provided are very cost-effective as one has to pay only for HD setup box which is a onetime cost. After this the subscriber has to choose the right pack for him to watch the TV shows and enjoy Videocon’s Asli HD services. Out of 500 Videocon d2h channels and services, 29 are the Asli HD channels. It uses MPEG-4, DVBS-2 technology.


Ultra HD 4k TV color is the next new thing in television world. This technology will mainly focus on the realism of colors. Now TV’S are moving towards 10-bit color system (that is 1024 shades per color) which means access to over a billion colors. For the new technology the resolution of ultra HD would be 1080p. This will surely provide a more fine and clear picture on the screen.

HD services have truly changed the perception of watching a television. Videocon d2h has been successful in providing this service to its customers.


Why you need to go digital ASAP!

The grand finale of the much awaited IPL match is here! You have completed your office work early, filled your tank completely, got new batteries for your remote, purchased the jersey of your favorite team and stocked your fridge with everything you will need to munch, to provide you the much needed energy to scream at the opponents. You reach home on time and switch on your TV and are greeted by black and white dots on the TV screen! You call your local cable guy in vain only to discover his phone is off.

You finally have a holiday. One complete day to go out and celebrate! As you are stepping out, it starts raining. You console yourself thinking at least you have your reliable television to give you company. You switch it on and see a black screen and nothing you do is making it better!

You have purchased a high definition television and designed a beautiful centerpiece for it. It owns your place of pride and you can’t help ut look at it every now and then with gleaming eyes. The problem starts when you turn it on- the same repetitive limited channels in inferior quality.

These situations sound familiar to you? Have you been looking for a solution to these problems?

Videocon d2h is the key to all your problems. With features such as maximum Channels and Services, 41 Audio/Video Channels, boredom will be long forgotten. Also this best hd dth service provider gives you 5 X picture clarity, 22 Asli “HD” channels and High Definition surround sound which will make purchasing the HD TV worth every penny. Other exciting features such as the Tickers, 12 PIP Mosaic will boost your viewing experience like never before. “demand2have” much more by paying only for the channels you wish to view and not to forget the 24 X 7 dedicated Customer service, which will ensure the above scenarios will now be a thing of the past. Videocon d2h also boasts of other features like being the first to provide a 3D channel and also an RF remote that entails you to operate the remote within 25 meters from any direction!

Switch today to Videocon d2h- India’s fastest growing digital DTH service and Asia’s most promising DTH brand.  Since its inception in 2009, Videocon d2h has won many awards and accolades. Videocon d2h won the Product of the year Award in 2010 for its Satellite DVD – a huge achievement in a short span of a year since its launch

Era of Digitalization

The trends in television industry are changing very fast. These led to arise a question in the mind of consumers that is what is digital tv? The switch from analog to digital broadcast television is referred as is digital television. TV Channels we watch are the result of television signals. These signals are sent through analog, digital and terrestrial format. Digital Television is the transmission of audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signals, in contrast to totally analog and channel separated signals used by analog. The Government has given and ordered to get digitalization that is by replacing broadcast analog television with digital television.

Another question comes to everyone’s mind is what exactly is DTH? A very common term used all networks providers. DTH is an acronym for “Direct to Home” services. D2h used by Videocon also stands for same. DTH is a digital services that provides television viewing services directly to subscribers through satellite transmission anywhere in the country. A dish placed outside the homes helps in receiving the signal and broadcasting the transmission on television. DTH allows the user to select the Digital TV Packages and pay only for those channel which are in the packages. There are basically two digital TV packages i.e. for ROI (Rest for India) and for South. The digital packages which d2h provides are for ROI are Super Gold, Gold Entertainment HD, Gold HD, New Gold Sports Pack and many more for ROI, and for South it provides South Silver Pack, South Silver Sports Pack and more.

After knowing what is Digital tv and their Packages, let’s see now what is digital tv box? To enjoy the digital television viewing experience one needs to have a 3 things TV, Reflector and Digital Box. The reflector (Dish) captures the signals from the satellite and sends it to digital set top box, the set box converts the signals and sends it to the television to be transmitted. The digital box has a smart card slot where one needs to insert a smart card; the set top box won’t work until you insert the smart into it. The fastest growing DTH service in India Videocon D2H has one of the most advanced Digital set top Boxes. The features of set box are Mosaic, tickers, favorites, Preview Screen and many more.

After understanding the digital box, let’s look at what is tv packages? Because without package customer won’t be able to define what he wants to see in his television? Videocon D2H provides TV Packages as per the customer convenience. Videocon also provide HD TV Packages. Videocon d2h has 400 channels and services and also provides 22 HD channels to their customer. Users can subscribe to Videocon d2h online through their website www.videocond2h.com

Videocon digital packages and services

Television (TV) has changed from being just a box to a service. The TV service is the new term in the market. This change from a TV to TV service has happened due to digitization of broadcasting. Digitization is providing direct services of broadcasting through satellite. These direct services are given by the DTH providers. Videocon d2h is the one of these DTH providers.  TV service provides the channels that a customer wants, active services, movies on demand and it also helps in recording videos to see them in future. The company is an innovator in DTH services.

How many channels does each customer get? This depends on the TV package they select. The company offers various packages which range from rs 200 per month to rs 461 per month including taxes. These TV package includes a bundle of channels that the customer is offered. These packages are made keeping in mind the various customers and their preferences. For example In Videocon there are special package for South Indian people, people who love sports, females in the country, religious people, etc. In all the company provides 17 different packages for the customer to select form.  The customer can select the TV packages that meets his demands the best.

Once the customer selects the right package suiting his needs the next question arises is how to activate that package? In digital TV it has to be recharged like a prepaid card in mobiles. This digital TV recharge can be done in various ways. Videocon d2h has various modes available for the customer to recharge. The company gives the customer the option to recharge DTH online or offline i.e. through recharge vouchers, SMS, call centre and debit or credit card. DTH recharge online include recharge via net banking and Videocon d2h website. Videocon also gives flexibility to the customers in the period of digital TV recharge. The customer has an option to recharge his DTH package for 1 month, 2 months, three months, upto 3 years. This allows the customer to recharge as per his convenience. The warning of recharge is flashed on the screen if the customers previous digital TV recharge period is about to end.

The company also provides other services to customers like 22 Asli ‘HD’ channels, active services, music channel, digital dolby sound, high quality picture for digital connection, 5 times clear picture with high definition for the HD users and recording features in HD-DVR. These services depend on the type of set top box a customer opts for and not on the digital box recharge. The customer can select the best set top box and the best TV package according to his needs to get a satisfying experience of digital TV.